Where will the top 3 Workshops for Greek tourism take place

Tourism Media & Events, following its continuous effort to promote Greece as a leading travel destination, plans for the last quarter of 2021, 3 very important VIRTUAL events in leading markets abroad, and more specifically:

  • Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in the USA, October 25-27, 2021 (with a strategic partner – USTOA (United State Tour Operators Association), of which Tourism Media & Events is an Associate Member.
  • Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in Benelux (with emphasis on Luxembourg), 18-20 November 2021
  • Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in Sweden, 1-3 December 2021.

All events take place under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Rural Development, the Intercultural Group for UNESCO, while the main sponsor is the Greek National Tourism Organization.

The events for 2021 will be held online through a top specially designed professional platform.

In each event, 100-120 local travel agents and tour operators participate from the touristic sector, and 40-50 buyers (importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, delicatessen, etc.) from the agri-food sector,

For the success of the events, the experienced team of TME partners with local PR companies that ensure the participation of the most important specialists in each market.

At the beginning of the online events, there will be a webinar for all participants with presentations of destinations and gastronomic products of Greece.

At the same time, a presentation is given to representatives of large and specialized local media from each country, seeking the maximum publicity of the event and the participants.

At the peak of the event, all participants will have the opportunity to hold pre-arranged meetings that will last 2-3 days.

In this context, participants from the tourism industry will present their proposals to travel agents and tour operators while the participants from the agri-food sector, will promote their products and their gastronomic proposals to specialized professionals.

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