The Greek – Danish Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop 2021 has been completed

28/04/2021 The Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop 2021 event in Denmark completed its works on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

Danish tour operators are currently showing special interest in traveling all year round from Denmark to Greece, discovering new forms of alternative tourism.

At the same time,  the representatives of tourism and the importers and wholesalers saw the dynamics of Greek gastronomy through their meetings with Greek exporters in the field of F&B.

The above finding is the aftermath of the 1st Virtual Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in Denmark, which completed its works on Tuesday afternoon, April 20.

The workshop of Tourism Media & Events is part of a course of events following these of Germany, the United Kingdom, and France that took place last March. For 2021, in the field of alternative tourism and gastronomy more events are to come, in Sweden next December.

The first half of Tourism Media & Events concludes with two workshops on luxury tourism and gastronomy, in Russia (May 12-14) and the United Arab Emirates on May 31.

The main Sponsor of the event was the Greek National Tourism Organization.

Honored Region of the event was the Region of Crete.

The official Air Carrier Sponsor of the event is AEGEAN AIRLINES.

The new profile of AEGEAN AIRLINES and its flight program in Scandinavia and Greece was presented by Ms. Helena Popp, Regional Key Accounts Manager. Other Sponsors were the Region of Epirus and the “Greek Breakfast” of the Hotel Chamber of Greece.

At the beginning of the event last Monday, a webinar was held with presentations of Greek destinations and gastronomic products, not only to travel agents and importers but also to representatives of large and specialized local media in France, which ensured the maximum publicity of the event.

The event was honored by the presence of the Ambassador of Greece in Denmark, Mr. Nikolaos Kotrokois, and the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Sofia Zacharaki.

Presentations were made by the Director of GNTO Scandinavia and the Baltic States,  Mr. Pavlos Mourmas, the Region of Crete Mr. Nikos Alexakis, Head of Tourism and Mr. Kyriakos Kotsoglou, Authorized Consultant of Tourism & e-Government of the Region of Crete and from the Region of Epirus, the Director of Tourism, Mrs. Ioulia Markoula.


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