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“Why I Love Greece” is a 254 pages book/album, created by fifteen foreign media correspondents who fell in love with Greece and wrote about its beauty.

Entitled “Why I Love Greece”, a unique 254-page album was released, written by fifteen correspondents from major media outlets living and working in Greece for years, each one choosing an area of ​​our country they loved the most.

The texts are framed by rich photographic material, both from the favorite areas of the correspondents and important international personalities who visited Greece from time to time.

The album was presented at a special event, held on Monday, February the 4th, at a central hotel in Athens, with  Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Petros Doukas as the official speaker and the participation of writers/correspondents, mayors and their representatives from all 15 regions, as well as and representatives of the Ministry of Tourism Development and tourism agencies of the country.

Mr Doukas described the album as a “valuable tool for promoting Greek tourism”, quoting author Henry Miller as saying that “the easiest thing in the world is to fall in love with Greece”.

The Undersecretary of State said that “Greek tourism will take off when we manage to highlight our ancient culture and the decisive contribution of the ancient spirit to modern Western culture, so that foreigners come here to be taught”.

The correspondents who write in the album, are Kerin Hope (writes about Kardamyli of Messinian Mani), Adriana Flores-Borquez (writes about Chania), John Carr (writes about Epirus), Paul Anastazi (writes about Rhodes), Ayse Ferliel (writes about Kefalonia), Malcolm Brabant (writes about Santorini), Patrick Quinn (writes about Skyros), Didier Kunz (writes about Folegandros), Brian Williams (writes about Andros), John Rigos (writes about Tinos), Nikos Michalian (writes about Mykonos), Furio Morroni (writes about Leros), Yuri Malinov (writes about Evoia), Nigel Lowry (writes about Piraeus), Gillian Whittaker (writes about various parts of Greece).

It is noted that the album is supplemented by photos of international personalities from the file of photojournalist Telis Sarrikostas, who for many years was a photojournalist for the Associated Press and has recorded all the celebrities who visited our country.

Among the photos included in the album, the reader will see the Beatles in 1967 in Arachova, Melina Mercouri with Indira Gandhi in 1983 in Epidavros, Frank Sinatra with his wife in a tavern in Athens, John Wayne 1971 at a nightclub in the capital, Pelé, Arnold Schwarzenegger in front of the Acropolis, Vladimir Putin, Jane Fonda with her husband on the Acropolis, Marlon Brando, Hillary Clinton and dozens more.

As part of the event, the mayors or representatives of the destinations for which the correspondents write, honored the authors with souvenirs and thanked them for promoting their area.