New dates for Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshops 2020

Tourism Media & Events, in these difficult times for Greece and its tourism industry, does not give up but instead intensifies its efforts, helping our country to climb to an even higher position on the world tourist map.

At the same time, it seeks to highlight the strong gastronomic advantages of Greece, while strengthening the export activity of its companies.

Taking into account the new data, remaining always faithful to the vision for the development of Greek tourism all year round and the promotion of Greek gastronomy, for the period 2020-2021, we inform you that the new dates of the events of Tourism Media & Events are as follows:

1st Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in Copenhagen (Denmark • 30/09/2020)
1st Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in Paris (France • 06/10/2020)
2nd Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in Warsaw (Poland • 15 / 10/2020)
1st Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in Brussels (Belgium • 25/11/2020)

Greek Alternative & Gastronomy Workshops 2020 is aimed at Tourism Businesses and Public Bodies interested in promoting alternative tourism services and export companies which want to penetrate or strengthen their presence in key European markets.

European markets are participating in alternative tourism, with 75-85 local tourism agents and tour operators, and in the agri-food sector, 30-35 buyers such as importers, wholesalers, retailers, foodservers and deli stores.

For the success of the events, the experienced executives of the organising company Tourism Media & Events join forces with official bodies of Greece but also with PR companies that ensure the participation of the most important travel agents of each local market.

At the beginning of the events, press conferences will be held with representatives of large and specialised local media from each country, seeking the maximum publicity of the participants, while the Workshops will be preceded by wine and olive oil tastings.

Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to present their proposals for alternative tourism to travel agents and tour operators at B2B meetings and to promote their products and gastronomic proposals to specialised professionals, importers, wholesalers and store chain managers.

The events end with a dinner with Greek cuisine, which will seal the Workshop giving the opportunity to all attendees for further networking.

GNTO participates in the events, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Rural Development, the embassies in the respective countries and the Intercultural Group for UNESCO.

We wish all of you and your families health, good strength and of course WE STAY HOME!

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