High expectations from the Russian touristic market | What we learned during the Greek – Russian Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop 2021

17/05/2021 The works of the Greek – Russian Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop 2021 were completed last Friday, May 14, 2021.

The workshop came at the forefront of Russia’s luxury tourism market and was crowned with success in the light of the Covid-19 conditions since hundreds of business meetings took place between Greek tourism companies and destinations.

The interest for the touristic season of 2021 was confirmed by the high participation, while the Russian agents showed special attention to new tourist destinations creating a legacy for a positive 2022.

The Greek – Russian Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop 2021 was held with the ultimate goal of promoting Greek luxury tourism in the Russian market. The purpose was to contribute to the effort of restoring the Russian visitors’ numbers close to those of 2019 which coincides with GNTO’s strategic goals in Russia.

It is highlighted that the participants have been leveraged by the recent visit of the Minister of Tourism Mr. Theocharis to Moscow but also the current flight scheme in Russia which bans outbound flights to Turkey until June.

This event is part of a sequence of successful online events organized by Tourism Media & Events that aim to promote the tourist product of Greece in key markets abroad.

It is noted that the event took place under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Intercultural Group for UNESCO, and the Greek Embassy in Moscow.

The main Sponsor of the event is the Greek National Tourism Organization.

The official Air Carrier Sponsor is Aegean Airlines and the sponsors are the Region of Crete, the Region of Central Greece, the Region of Peloponnese, and the Greek Breakfast.

Honored Destination is the Municipality of Preveza.

At the beginning of the event, a webinar was held with presentations of Greek destinations and gastronomic products to representatives of large and specialized local media in Russia which ensured the maximum publicity of the event.

The event was opened by the General Secretary of GNTO, Mr. Dimitris Fragakis, and was afterwards honored with the presence of the Minister Counselor of the Hellenic Republic in Russia, Mr. Stavros Venizelos, and the Director of GNTO Russia, Mr. Polykarpos Efstathiou.

Presentations were made by the office of GNTO Russia, by the Marketing Specialist, Mr. George Mavromatis, by the Region of Crete, Dr. Kyriakos G. Kotsoglou, Authorized Consultant of Tourism & e-Government, and Mr. Nikos Alexakis, Head of Tourism, by the Region of Central Greece, the Deputy Regional Minister of Tourism and Culture of the Region of Central Greece, Mr. Elias Bourmas and Mrs. Marianna Liaskou, by the Region of Peloponnese, Mrs. Katerina Giatrakou, Strategic Associate of the Peloponnese Region for DMS, from the Municipality of Preveza, the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Leonidas Argyros and from AEGEAN AIRLINES Mr. Nikolay Toktaev, Sales Executive of Aegean Airlines in Russia.

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