Dynamic presence from GNTO in the Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in Qatar

A dynamic presence is expected from Greek National Tourism Organisation, at the Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop, organized by Tourism Media & Events, Wednesday April 18, in Qatar, aiming to attract high-income tourists.
The GNTO is going to be the main sponsor of the Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop, reasserting Its support and commitment to all initiatives, aiming to promote Greece as a touristic destination abroad.
The presence of Greek National Tourism Organization is of high importance as one of its strategic priorities is to feature Greece at the top of the alternative and gastronomy tourism market worldwide.
The event will take place under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the honored destination is the Region of Central Macedonia. Sponsors of the Workshop are also, MIDEAST TRAVEL GROUP, «Greek Breakfast» and municipality of Rethymnos.
The Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop, aims to designate Greece as o top high-end tourism and gastronomy destination, worldwide. The attraction of travelers from the Middle East is strategically important for Greek tourism.
B2B meetings have already been scheduled between the Greek participating tourism businesses and representatives from Qatar.
The Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshops are addressing to tourism companies and destinations that are interested in sealing partnerships and promoting their services and products around luxury tourism.
At the same time, they are addressed to agri-food companies that want to penetrate or even strengthen their presence in key markets in Middle East.

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