Great opening for the Greek – French Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop 2021


The workshop, with a focus on the French market, is part of a course of the Virtual Greek Tourism & Gastronomy Workshops 2021, organized by Tourism Media & Events.

The Greek-French Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop 2021 is held with the ultimate goal of highlighting the alternative forms of tourism in Greece, as well as the promotion of food and beverages to the French market, which is one of the main sources of incoming travelers to Greece.

The event will conclude on April 15 with the conduction of hundreds of B2B pre-arranged virtual meetings. It is a sequel to a course of successful online alternative tourism and gastronomy events in the markets of Belgium, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

It is noted that the event takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Intercultural Group for UNESCO, and the Greek Embassy in France.

The main Sponsor of the event is the Greek National Tourism Organization.

The official Air Carrier sponsor is Aegean Airlines. Other sponsors are the Region of Epirus, the Region of Central Greece, the Business Support Center of the Region of Central Greece, the Municipality of Athens, the New Hotel, and the Greek Breakfast.

In the french event, the Honored Region is the Region of the South Aegean and the honored gastronomic Region is the Region of Crete.

In general, the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, combined with the effects of the health crisis in both the tourism and gastronomy sectors, makes it necessary to adapt to the new reality and create positive conditions for Greek tourism the next day. Therefore, the events throughout 2021 will take place online through a leading, specially designed, professional platform.

In parallel with the event for alternative tourism, there will be a simultaneous event for the agri-food sector, with a barrage of B2B meetings, seeking to highlight the benefits arising from the connection of tourism with gastronomy.

More events for the promotion of alternative tourism and gastronomy of Greece will follow suit. The workshop in the market of Denmark will take place April 19-20 and in Sweden, in December 2021.

For the promotion of luxury tourism and Greek agricultural products, our company organizes the Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshops, having selected the following countries: Russia 5-7 May 2021, Dubai, 12-13 May 2021, USA, October 2021, and the Benelux, on November 2021.

It is pointed out that the Greek Alternative & Luxury Tourism Workshops are addressed to Tourism Businesses and Public Bodies that are interested in promoting their services and products around alternative or luxury tourism. On the other hand, the Greek Gastronomy Workshops are of direct interest to export companies that wish to penetrate or strengthen their presence in key markets in Europe.

70-80 local travel agents (in the case of the United Kingdom the participation exceeded all previous ones) and tour operators of the market, and for the agricultural sector, 40-50 buyers participate in each event (importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, delicatessens, etc.).

For the success of the events, the experienced executives of the organizing company Tourism Media & Events join forces with local PR companies, ensuring the participation of the most important professionals of the local market.

At the beginning of the online events, there will be a webinar for all participants with presentations of destinations and gastronomic products of Greece. The events continue with the holding of pre-arranged meetings over 2-3 days, during which all participants will have the opportunity to present their proposals to travel agents and tour operators, or specialized professionals in imports and agriculture.

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