Virtual Greek Tourism & Gastronomy Workshops 2021 in 9 top markets for Tourism and Gastronomy

Following the successful virtual events for Αlternative Τourism and Gastronomy in the markets of Belgium and Poland, Tourism Media & Events announces the holding of 9 virtual targeted events for 2021.

The events take place under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Rural Development, the Intercultural Group for UNESCO, the local Embassies and Chambers, with the participation of the Hellenic Tourism Organization.

The effects of the ongoing pandemic both in the tourism and gastronomy sector make it necessary to adapt to the new reality and create positive conditions for Greek tourism to flourish the day after the pandemic. Therefore, the events for 2021 will take place online through a leading specially designed digital platform.

After thorough market research, 9 of the most important foreign markets were selected for both Greek tourism and Greek gastronomy.

The inclusion in the program of Luxury Tourism events is a key promising differentiation for 2021.

Tourism Media & Events and its executives, counting years of experience, committed to building mutually beneficial partnerships and hold workshops in countries with tourists of high standards. Luxury Tourism and Gastronomy are strategically combined for breakthrough results in the targeted markets.

It is highlighted that all events are held in parallel with the event for the agri-food sector ensuring the benefits of tourism with gastronomy marriage.

Events to promote alternative tourism in Greece will take place with the markets of Germany 17-19 March 2021, the United Kingdom 22-24 March 2021, Denmark 29-30 March 2021, France 13-15 April 2021, and Sweden December 2021.

For the promotion of luxury tourism, the following counties have been selected: Russia – April 6-8, 2021, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), May 12-13, 2021, the United States, October 2021, and Luxembourg, November 2021 – have been selected to promote luxury tourism.

The Greek Alternative & Luxury Tourism Workshops are addressed to Tourism Businesses and Public Entities interested in promoting their services and products around alternative tourism and/or luxury tourism.

At the same time, the Greek Gastronomy Workshops are highly suggested to export companies that wish to penetrate or strengthen their presence in key markets in Europe.

For the touristic sector, 70-80 local travel agents and tour operators of the respective markets participate, while for the agricultural one, 40-50 buyers (importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, delicatessen, etc.).

For the success of the events, the experienced executives of the organizing company Tourism Media & Events joins forces with local PR- Event Planning companies to ensure the participation of the most important professionals of the respective local market.

The online events start with a webinar attended by all participants, during which presentations will be held on destinations and gastronomic products of Greece.

At the same time, a presentation is addressed to invited representatives of distinguished local media from each country, seeking the maximum publicity of the event and the participants.

The event reaches its peak with the holding of business meetings, where all participants will have the opportunity to hold pre-arranged meetings with a professional interest in their activities over the 2-3 days of the event.

In this context, the participants from the tourism sector will present their proposals to travel agents and tour operators, while the participants from the agricultural sector will promote their products and their gastronomic proposals to specialized professionals.

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