«NORDICS» landing in Greece

«NORDICS» landing in Greece

The first GREEK TOURISM & GASTRONOMY WORKSHOP for 2022, organized by Tourism Media & Events, will open its doors for the Scandinavian audience at 21-23 March.

The ‘’Greek –Nordic Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop”, which is adapted to the new reality, will take place online through a leading, specially designed digital platform, aims to introduce Greek tourism companies to 80-100 travel agencies from the four Nordic countries (Sweden-Denmark-Norway-Finland).

The Scandinavian market is one of the top for greek tourism, in terms of arrivals, as in 2021 the number of tourists from the Nordics had a remarkable increase compared to 2020. First in the list was Denmark. Danes prefer adventure tourism, they travel to live new experiences, relaxation and warm places. They, usually, choose to stay in, 3,4 and 5 stars, hotels or resorts. Their vacations last 5 or 6 weeks yearly and prices, security, climate are the most important factors to choose a destination.

The workshop is part of a course of Greek Tourism & Gastronomy Workshops events, organized by Tourism Media & Events towards the direction of enhancing alternative tourism in Greece.

The event which will be concluded on March 23, 2022 – after the completion of hundreds of B2B pre-arranged virtual meetings – follows a series of successful online events for alternative tourism, organized by Tourism Media & Events the period 2020-2021, in Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The event takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Intercultural Group for UNESCO.

The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 until spring, combined with the effects of the health crisis in the tourism sector, makes it necessary for this event to take place online.

The upcoming events, throughout 2022, will take place either live, or in combination with digital means, depending on the circumstances in every country and based on the latest developments and restrictions, resulting from the pandemic.

The next Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop will take place at London March 31, 2022 and after that at Paris, April 2022.

As part of the promotion of Greek luxury and alternative tourism, expected to take place five “Greek Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshops”, Russia April 7, Dubai May 11, Quatar May 18, Amsterdam in October and the States in November 2022.

The Greek Alternative & Luxury Tourism Workshops, are addressed to tourism companies and public bodies that are interested in promoting their services and products around luxury and alternative tourism.

100-120 local travel agents and 10-15 distinguished media participate from the touristic markets of each country, ensuring the maximum possible publicity of the event.

For the success of the events, the experienced executives of the organizing company Tourism Media & Events join forces with local PR companies, ensuring the participation of the most important professionals of the local market.

At the beginning of the online event in the Nordic market, a webinar will be held for all participants with presentations of alternative destinations and gastronomic products from Greece.

The event continues with the holding of pre-arranged meetings over 3 days, during which all participants will have the opportunity to present their proposals to travel agents and tour operators, or specialized professionals in imports and agriculture operating.

The event will end with a raffle draw and the agents will have the opportunity to travel to Greece and seal their deals with the Greek participants.

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