1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop – Poland

AVIAREPS, in a strategic partnership with Tourism Media & Events, is organising the 1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop in Warsaw, Poland on October 29, 2019. The Workshop will take place at the emblematic FortecaKregliccy – Fortress of the Legions.

With an aim to highlight the full range of Alternative Tourism Forms in Greece, the 1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop Warsaw 2019 follows the state plans for:

  • All year round tourism
  • Development of alternative forms of tourism
  • Support for destinations with sustainable development
  • Connection of the sector with the agri-food sector

The 1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop in Warsaw, Poland, takes place in collaboration with the Hellenic Tourism Organization (GNTO), under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Greek Embassy in Poland, the Hellenic-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Investment and the Hellenic Cultural and Educational Group for UNESCO.

Already, a large number of Polish travel agents and Tour Operators have shown interest in participating in the event, while Polish tourism organizations want to know and include in their program the alternative tourism products of our country for the period 2019-2020.

Who we are

AVIAREPS and the specialised staff of Tourism Media & Events have many years of experience in events and workshops for the promotion of Greek tourism in foreign markets, organising events from 2004 to the present in various international destinations, both in the European and Arab market.

Tourism Media & Events has successfully worked with Enterprise Greece, with GNTO and many Regions of the country in several events, as well as dozens of companies that remain regular customers in its portfolio.

Last April, the company successfully organised the 1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop Hague 2019 for the markets of the Netherlands.

The 1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop Hague 2019 hosted B2B meetingswith a total of 93 travel agents and Tour Operators, as well as 19 journalists and bloggers.

The Workshop

During the 1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop Warsaw 2019, B2B meetings will be held for 3-4 hours.

A specialized PR company has selected and invited tourist organizations and travel agencies that deal specifically with alternative forms of tourism, Polish market distributors and representatives of Polish Media.

The screens will be showing the GNTO spots of the participating Regions in a loop. Coffee and snacks will also be offered.

There will be dinneroffered at FortecaKregliccy and on a specially designed podium, there will be presentations of the Greek destinations and the alternative tourism activities they offere.

The Polish market

The choice of the Polish market as the second step in the promotion of Greece in foreign markets is not accidental.

The specific dynamics of the country in terms of interest of the Polish people for the alternative Greek tourist product was taken into account along with the expressed desire of a significant number of Greek companies to penetrate this market.

Now the Polish market is among the top markets for tourists visiting Greece and the Poles are looking for a complete experience of travel, authenticity, connection with nature and action.

Outdoor activities at sea, mountains and rivers, culture, gastronomy, wine tourism, spa and wellness, seaside resorts, small facilities and family-friendly accommodation are on the top of the Polish travel list.

Polish tourists are known to be lovers of alternative tourism, especially winter sports. They travel all year round, with their average annual income exceeding ours.

Greece is ranked first in the travel preferences of Poles in 2019, following a large increase of 40% in the arrivals of Polish tourists in our country in 2018.

Last year, Polish visitors in our country exceeded 1 million for the first time and reached 1.049.500.

The 1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop Warsaw 2019 takes place as the Polish State Tour Operators start their sales for 2020.

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